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Positive Power and Influence is the world-renowned influence skills development programme that gives people the skills and confidence to achieve their objectives irrespective of their position in an organisation.

PPI participants learn how to have greater impact and control over situations and events, whilst also maintaining and strengthening relationships.


For Individuals

For Individuals

In your role, do you need to get things done and build strong relationships at the same time?

Do you sometimes need to achieve your objectives in situations where you do not have positional authority?

Or do you need to quickly establish presence and impact?

Or lead and inspire others with a balance of positional and personal power?

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For Organisations

For Organisations

Do you want to reduce silos and create a culture where people have honest, authentic conversations?

Are you looking to build confidence and empower staff, especially when they don’t have positional power?

Do you need your leaders and managers to use their positional power in positive ways?

Or do you want to develop high potential staff so that they are skilled at leading others?

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Came in sceptical, left believing!Global Director Project Risk, Citigroup Necessary for everybody in management.Sales & Export Manager, Arwa BV Thought provoking, allows you to plan immediate action.International Learning & Talent Manager, The Body Shop Invaluable... I feel I have grown.Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, BT PLC It will change my life forever. It opened up another world of thinking and behaviour – only a fool would not attend.Vice President Operations, Cobham PLC  

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Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away. Marcus Aurelius said that. Time pressure rules at the best of times and dominates at the worst. If you’re in...

When the joke wears thin: tackling negativity with positivity

Negativity can have a destructive impact especially on a small team. It can be derailing, demotivating, and if you’re not careful you may find you’re being sucked down by the prevailing mood. And so often it starts out as a joke. We’re exploring the line between barbed banter and unprofessional negativity, between a comic scepticism and a wearing cynicism,...

Influence at the Movies 3: The Courtroom

Arguably the greatest courtroom drama of all doesn’t take place in a courtroom, but in the juror’s room. Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men was originally written as a teleplay for CBS and first broadcast in 1954. It follows the deliberations of a trial jury, as one dissenting juror seeks to convince the others that there is some reasonable doubt...

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